Moisture control specialists

Unwanted water infiltration & moisture control

Water infiltration in buildings causes damage to the walls and floors and in severe cases the structure. The damp conditions also pose health risks associated with mould and mildew.

Hic Sunt Leones specialises in the detection, removal and permanent control of unwanted water infiltration in buildings. Using state-of-the-art equipment and products we:-

  1. Detect where the infiltration is occurring,
  2. Stop future infiltration and
  3. Carry out remedial work to repair the water damage

Thermal Imaging

Non invasive, thermal imaging building diagnostics

Our digital thermal imaging system allows non-invasive diagnostics to pinpoint water intrusion, plumbing leaks and blockage, electical system losses and much more. This allows us to quickly identify the problem and saves you time and money by focusing remedial work on the cause and affected area.

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Sustained removal of moisture in masonry walls using the ECODRY System

The ECODRY Sytem combats rising capillary moisture (rising damp) which is the predominant cause for dampness in walls. Using pulsing, dynamic magnetic field sequences, the ECODRY System stops the continuous increase in moisture levels in the walls and reverses the trend to cause sustained moisture dissipation.

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Find leaks, clogs in drain pipes, locate hot and cold water lines in walls

Using thermal imaging we can detect blocked or broken pipes and other plumbing relates issues. Even if the pipes are laid under the floor or inside a wall it is possible to determine the exact location of the problem by having hot water flowing through the pipes. The heat will radiate and the problem area will become clearly visible on a thermal image.

Save time and money compared to traditional methods of removing tiles and chasing the wall or floor to find the problem.

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Detect, troubleshoot and fix problems to prevent costly shutdowns and outages

Electrical equipment tends to heat up before it fails, hiding from sight until a problem becomes "self-evident". Using thermal imaging we can instantly make those hot spots clearly visible so you can catch them in time to investigate further, plan repairs, and get things fixed before they turn critical.

We can scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear and get an instant picture of impending trouble that you likely would miss otherwise.

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Water Intrusion

Pinpoint leaks and wet areas beneath the surface

Pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture beneath the surface and destructive water damage. Scan walls, floors and flat roofs to find and fix problem areas. Tremendous savings can be made by repairing wet areas rather than replacing the entire area. Find and fix hidden water damage quickly before small problems become big, expensive ones.

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Tiling & Cladding

Quickly identify improperly fixed tiles and cladding

Falling wall tiles and cladding are dangerous and can be costly to identify and replace. Traditionally, one has to remove entire sections and redo the work. With thermal imaging, we can quickly identify all of the tiles or cladding that are at risk of coming loose dramatically reducing the time and cost of replacing them.

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Other diagnostics

Air leaks

Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing them saves energy and money.

Missing insulation

Locate poor insulation quickly by detecting and comparing differences with surrounding areas.

Destructive pests

Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before they eat customers out of house and home.

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